Heavy Duty UAV, Quick Access, Faster Work
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Building and public works
Simplifying access while eliminating scaffolding
installation expenses and weight-related issues without putting your operators at risk.
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Benefit from a projection force of more than 1000 bars while protecting your operators, provide various maintenance operations for your installations, carry out non-destructive testing with rapid positioning of the measure
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Reduce the time spent in dry-dock for ships
Facilitate hull maintenance at height, remove and apply an antifouling treatment.
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Complex structures
Reach the inaccessible and carry out buildings maintenance in record-time.
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Welcome at Aerial Coboticus

Hard to reach work is costly, risky and time-consuming to set up.


Quick Access, Faster Work

The rapid deployment of an Aerial Machine AERIAL COBOTICUS allows access at any time to inaccessible places or at heights to carry out the necessary operations without endangering the operators.

Our Aerial Machines sont conçues pour des usages industriels intensifs (nettoyage très haute pression, piochage du béton, projection de matière …). Et ce, sans interruption, s’appuyant sur une alimentation continue, filaire.

To operate in difficult working conditions and to allow remote handling, our UAVs are designed following the best practices in aeronautics, robotics and embedded computing.
Drone pour sablage batiment

Use of an Aerial Machine cuts the cost of operation by more than 90%.

Construction and Public Works

Les Aerial Machines will help you carry out, with a simple and fast setup, operations traditionally requiring a very high setup cost and long downtime. They also allow you to minimize the risks for the operators.

For example, the treatment of concrete diseases requires the use of scaffolding, accounting for more than half of the cost of the operation. The use of an Aerial Machine reduces the cost of operation by more than 90%.

Building maintenance with the help of a Aerial Machine does not require scaffolding, platforms or rope access.

Les Aerial Machines also reduce downtime since no preparation is required before or after the operation.
Ce gain de temps réduit le coût mais aussi l’impact du chantier. Par exemple, le piochage de béton d’ouvrage d’art à l’aide d’une Aerial Machine reduce the amount of time vehicles are prohibited from driving when the structure straddles a roadway.

Thanks to the carrying capacity of the Aerial Machines (40 kg / 88 lbs payload), can also be used alongside cranes on construction sites for lifting equipment and goods, thus reducing costs and desaturating tower cranes.

Secteur historique d’Aerial Coboticus, les Bâtiments et Travaux Publics font l’objet de nombreux contacts avec des sociétés de premier plan, et de visites de chantiers, permettant d’identifier les utilisations les plus profitables en termes de gain financier et de temps, d’amélioration de la sécurité des opérateurs, et d’économie dans l’utilisation de composants comme les résines, les bétons, ou les peintures.

In these times of pandemic, the implementation of Aerial Machines limits the issues of social distancing, both in frequency and duration.


The industry is a sector which covers a wide range of uses forAerial Machines , made possible by their carrying capacity.
You need to implement non-destructive testing equipment, but the heavy weight of some measuring devices is a challenge. The use of an Aerial Machine will allow you to position the instrument quickly and precisely, thus shortening the measurement time and facilitating the work of the engineers.
Certains ouvrages d’art comme des cheminées d’usine, des barrages, etc… nécessitent des opérations de maintenance comme des projections ciblées de béton ou de résine. Les Aerial Machines vous permettront la mise en œuvre de ces opérations de maintenance préventive ou curative.
Les Aerial Machines Aerial Machines also allow Very High Pressure (VHP) cleaning, at more than 1000 bars, offering a blasting force capacity of more than 330N. The projection being done by the machine, while the operator is sheltered on the ground, there is no more human limitation of projection force, allowing for a better efficiency of the VHP lances.
Drone pour sablage industriel
Drone pour peinture


Depuis sa création, Aerial Coboticus a rencontré de nombreux acteurs de premier plan de la construction navale en France et à l’étranger.

The opportunity to identify key applications such as the stripping of hulls enabled by the capacity of Aerial Machines to implement VHP (Very High Pressure) at over 1000 bars, offering a blasting force capacities of over 330N.

Their use makes it possible to avoid the long and costly erection of scaffolding, and to reduce the need for cranes and work platforms, which are always a nuisance in shipyards, as well as to ensure continuous work, thus reducing the downtime of ships.

Complex structures

The ingenuity of our architects allows grandiose realizations, sometimes posing a tricky problem of access for their maintenance.

Les Aerial Machines will allow you to implement your maintenance and servicing contracts thanks to interventions in places that are not easily accessible due to the shape of the building, or that present risks for the workers.

The fast and cost-efficient implementation of an Aerial Machine will allow you to perform more frequent preventive maintenance interventions and lower overall maintenance costs.

Les toitures de verre nécessitent un entretien qui devrait être réguilier pour maintenir sa splendeur. Cela est rendu possible à moindre cout grace aux Aerial Machine (drones)